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Problems getting UT3 to start

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    Problems getting UT3 to start

    Just bought the game today,been a big UT1999 fan i saw it on the shelf today and thought id go ahead and get it

    But when i finaly got it downloaded and went to start the game a windows error message comes up

    Its there error message you see quite often the one that says somthing has encountered a problem we are sorry for the inconvenience, ext... and closes the program.
    The two files its having problems are:
    for some reasson the message appears two times (dont kno if that gives any help or not)

    also i tried opening the ut editor and it also comes up with the same problem

    i just want to game up
    so thanks for any help!

    Also I think it is important to note that I found all of those problems with the demo i tried doing what those threads said might work but nothing did the trick.

    I did have AVG and i deleted it with no success
    I changed bInitializeShadersOnDemand=False to True in the UTEngine file with no help
    I tried a combination of these two and again nothing went right
    I tried un and reinstalling again


      What are your computer specs/cpu, graphics card, and OS?


        The Graphics Card (im not sure about this) Intel(R) 82865G Graphic Controller
        Windows Xp Home Edition version 2002
        2.53GHz CPU
        Intel Celeron D
        512MB RAM
        Avast Anti Virus

        If you need any other information i left out i might need help finding it.


          Originally posted by Revisio View Post
          The Graphics Card (im not sure about this) Intel(R) 82865G Graphic Controller
          I believe that is your built in video/graphics. Lets hope you have something else, because if that's all you have for graphics the game will never start.

          You will either need to open up your PC and see if there is graphics card there and which one. Or you can download this program called GPU-Z. This is a very small program that just identifies your graphics card and details about it.

          Here's a link to that program with a screenshot of what it looks like. The link to download is at the bottom.


            Yep that was the right one
            so I guess i will not be able to play on this one

            But, tommorow i will be on my at normal 2 computers. I am not sure exactly what those specs are but i am fairly certain they are newer versions of computers so do you know where i might find a list of compatible graphic software other than what is on the back of the UT3 box? so i can see if the cards in those two pcs might work.

            also i have looked a couple of cards to get you opinion on i think thesse should work
            8800 GTS 320 Mb
            MSI NX7600GS
            GeForce 8600 GT
            here is the site i found these things on

   (< should be 1 my bad)


              As for a list of cards that will work for UT3, here you go.


              Looking at the list, going down the left side till you see '6600 GT'. All the card down to that line, including it, are cards that will work for UT3. The closer to the top, the better the card will work. If you get a card near the bottom, like the '6600 GT', you will most likely have to turn everything to the lowest setting to get it to play well, FPS-wise.

              Now as for the card you picked. If you can, get the 8800 GTS 320 Mb as it is the best of the 3. If you look at the list, it's in the 6th row from the top. The GeForce 8600 GT would be the next one to get if you can't get the 8800 GTS. MSI NX7600GS, I'm assuming is the 7600 GS on the list and it's just above the 6600 GT.

              The only I would recommend is that you open up your PCs and look at what type of slots you have on your motherboard. There 3 different types and wouldn't want you get a card and not be able to plug it in. I found an image to help figure out which types you have. Your's most likely won't be color coded like the image.


              Hope this helps.