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    help with loading

    hi, i have bought this game a few days ago, i managed to install the game today,
    i tried to join a game, on single mode and online, picked a map and joined,
    but i cant get in the game for some reason, it loads, then after that, it crashes or the screen goes black.
    please can i have some help please!

    Yes! I had the same issue - it's now fixed and working again.

    Fresh install of ut3, ut3 patch 2, installed the bonus pack. the game works 1 time and then it will say "application error" on startup.

    Delete your ut3 profile. sample path: yours will prob be in the C:\ drive.
    d:\My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3

    The profile became corrupt during the install of patch 2 or something. Maybe the bonus pack messed the game up. Anyways UT3 works now!!

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