At least for me anyway.

Before I go any further, let me just say that what ever you do to your network set up is Your OWN responsibility. I am not a tech. What I have learned has been mostly all trial and error. I AM NOT advising anyone on what to do, simply sharing (with you) my experiences.

Over the past five to six months, I had tried just about everything. Updated my routers firmware, opened ports, changed network configuration, turned on Upnp, spent days on end researching on the Internet, wore my lucky sweater, drank water standing on my head. Nothing worked.

Till now.

I reset my router back to default > set it to the correct time zone > turned on Upnp > and disabled the firewall.

I have NOT been kicked offline since. I have logged in enough hours now to feel confident that (for me) the issue has been resolved. Removing the firewall (for my router) was a last resort. It is not a decision I took lightly. The only reason I gave it a try is because I keep my pc constantly updated, and my AV version is current and I update daily along with at least two scans per week. (usually more).