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crash after modifying UTCustomChar.ini

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    crash after modifying UTCustomChar.ini

    Hi there,

    I wanted to get some more flexibility to my character, so i changed the UTCustomChra.Ini and now i can choose body kits from all falilies to a charackter (for example eacht type of arms from each family to all characters). My porblem is, that it works with some maps, but with oher maps the game crashes each time after the loading sreen, for example i can't play Gateway anymore.
    Can this porblem be solved ?


    delete UTCustomChar.ini and start over, it will create a new one.
    This time, make sure you type the right class codes and such.
    its common to crash when certain parts arent made to fit properly. So its more like you have to test it out before its "stable" Floating body parts will do this. Its best not to swap the arms out.