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    A hint even?

    I'd like to know if it's worth keeping my copies or selling/trading them in. It's a pretty decent game so I'd like to keep them, but if the problems aren't going to be worked on I'd rather flick one or other before they're worth any less in value.

    Some kind of "customer interface" for Epic would be good too, something like Criterion games, id, Relic, etc.

    Just knowing what's going on is half the battle won.


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  • started a topic PS3 Mod Authoring

    PS3 Mod Authoring

    This looks like the closest area for support, please move to another area if this is not suitable.

    I bought both the PS3 and PC versions of UT3, PS3 to play on and the PC version to create content with. However there are a few outstanding issues it'd be nice to get an answer on as to if they will still be addressed: sound I understand is a legal problem, however will we ever be getting full model support and the ability to author user created/custom menus for mutators/mods for the PS3 version?

    Hopefully the answer would be yes, but if it's a no I'll accept it regardless. Either way it'd just be nice to have an answer one way or the other.

    Thank you.