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    Please HELP!!

    Hello all,

    Well I did a terrible mistake. I was "experimenting" with the ini files and I deleted UTEditor.ini. So plz,plz,plz,plz,plz can ANYONE send me only the UTEditor.ini file (it must be only some KBs).

    Here's what I did. I had changed my UTEngine.ini to create some maps for UT2D and I created a folder called "Backup" with the normal UTEngine.ini inside in order to replace the UTEngine.ini for UT2D whenever I wanted to use the normal ut3 editor again.. But today, well I wanted to change it back. So I went to the Config folder but instead of the UTEngine.ini I delete the UTEditor ini (shift+delete - so there's no way back).

    Please I don't wanna reinstall the game If anyone can send me the UTEditor.ini file I'll be really thankful. If you can write the link here, or PM me or E-mail me.

    Thanks a lot

    Isn't the file automatically generated when you start the game?


      Just remove the file(s) in question from
      My Documents/My Games/Unreal Tournament 3/UTGame/Config
      UT3 keeps the default files in

      and it will copy it from here if necessary.
      Never edit the default configuration files though....


        Thanks a lot both of you