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[SOLVED] problems joininig warfare servers

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    [SOLVED] problems joininig warfare servers

    Hi guys,

    I'm new with UT3, when I'm joining servers with warefare maps the screen after loading the map goes black and stays like that, the only solution is to restart, I can join CTF TDM I can play warfare maps offline... but for some reason online I have this problem...

    I thought it could be something with my graphic card(MSI 8600GT OC) card but why just online ? anyone knows any known issue regarding this ?


    yesterday find out that changing the resolution in the game for the same resoluction as my screen, I was able to load the warefare map online....

    my screen resolution 1280*1024
    game resolution 1024*xxx

    so changing it to 1280*1024 I was able to get the game to work, my next test will be set the resolution of the screen to: 1024 and the game to 1024 and see if is ok as well...

    so is something wrong with the game online for warefare maps, because offline everything works fine.