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Bug: All nodes and power core = neutral (white)?

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    Bug: All nodes and power core = neutral (white)?


    I was wondering if anyone else has this bug:

    When switching teams after a new round has started, all nodes turn neutral.

    In addition:
    - you don't see the exact power core status as well as the staus for normal nodes
    - you can't use portals anymore.

    Will this be fixed?



    That has happened to a few of us over some other servers. Something glitches out during gameplay and when I spectator comes in, they are neutral or "yellow".

    They can shoot a node, and the graphics for the node change as you shoot it (that is it looks like you are shooting it) but there is no node status and it just looks yellow. There were a few of us playing islander and the air node was neutral as one person went neutral. Neither a red player, blue player or a yellow player could cap the node and use the vehicles.

    Then if you died and were on a team, you went neutral too. Then if you check the stats, no player shows up on the score menu (assuming all players went neutral). But all the neutrals could kills each other.

    It was fun for a while, but the server had to be reset by an admin.

    Check out my screens from that map:


      Thanks for the screenshots!

      So I'm not insane and this is actually a serious bug...


        I have not seen that for several months. Maybe the server is not patched? Server should be ver 1.2

        I think maybe Dec or Jan was the last time I saw that. If you disconnect and then reconnect it should be normal again.


          I encounter a similar issue every once in a while. A map starts, everything seems normal at first but when I go to capture a node nothing happens; when I shoot at anything all appears to be normal but nothing actually registers...for example, shooting an opponent's node does not damage it. When this does happen, it is not happening to everyone on the server, just me, or very rarely, one other person on the server as well at the same time...or to one player other than myself. It has happened infreqently enough that it is merely an annoyance at the time it happens. If it were happening with some regularity, I would be in the forum here screaming bloody murder.

          I have found that when it occurs, if I disconnect from the server and reconnect, the problem corrects itself. I have never had to disconnect/reconnect more than once in order to begin playing normally.

          Regarding the patch issue suggestion, this happens on our clan server, which has been patched to 1.2 since the day the patch was released, as has my own computer.


            I can confirm this is NOT fixed with patch 1.2.

            Also in some cases the server needs to be restarted in order to get things right. - So I doubt that this is a client only bug.