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crashing while playing online...

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    crashing while playing online...

    i just bought a copy of UT3 for the PC today and patched it to 1.2
    played the campaign mode first and plays awsome!played about 2 hours or so

    but when i play online after about 5 to 10 minutes or so of playing the game, everybody just stops movie except for me, then after 2 minutes the game just shuts down and puts me back to my desktop

    it first i thought it was my connection disconnecting but if thats true, it wouldnt send me back to my desktop and just put me back to the main menu saying i have disconnected.

    please help me with this problem

    now i have a new problem
    i just started the game, and when i get to the main menu and clicks settings
    the game jjust crashes
    UT3.exe error or wutever the error window says

    this wasnt happening before and just now it happens

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