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    Stoopid UnrealEd III Question I'm working on a level with a team for a class I'm in...I'm in charge of setting up the paths for the bots. I've followed some tutorials I found...laid down the paths and now pretty much every tutorial I've read says the best thing to do is play the level as a spectator and watch the bots run around so I can tweak their behavior. The only problem is that I can't get the level to run WITH the bots in it. I've applied the dm- prefix to the level and tried to select it from within game but it's not there. I also can't get it to run with bots from within the editor...

    I'm sure this probably sounds like a really stupid question but it also doesn't help that almost EVERY tutorial on the net deals with Unreal 2K4 and not III. Anyways...any help would be appreciated.


    Have you tried adding bots through the console? When you run it from the editor it doesn't apply the in-game bot settings, so you have to manually in the console.

    If I remember correctly.... bring up the console and type:
    addbots [number to add]