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Unreal Tournament 3 & Linux?

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  • Unreal Tournament 3 & Linux?


    I was wondering if it would be possible for an Epic Games representative to please comment on the status of the Unreal Tournament 3 Linux client. It's now over five months since the game first shipped and there still hasn't been any official update on its status other than it being stuck in some mystical "legal" problems.

    Many Linux gamers had ordered the game right away (or even pre-ordered, such as I) with the expectation that the Linux client would be out on the same-day or shortly after the release, based upon the turn-around time for past UT Linux titles and other work by Mr. Gordon.

    While you may be barred from talking about the situation due to NDAs (if it is actually legal troubles), if you could provide any form of update on the matter -- so Linux gamers will know whether the client is still coming or to just jump ship now -- it would be greatly appreciated by just not me but the entire Linux community.


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    here here /Applause


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      10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0


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        I'm also interested in the above.

        A progress report or a confirmation that there will or won't be any client would be good.


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          I'm surprised that this thread is still here. The threads that I have seen that even mention Linux are normally gone in no time.

          An update would be nice though, even if it is just an official, "we're still on it" rather than the usual link to the FAQ and a closed or deleted thread.


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            Not coming, don't you get already?


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              look at the trashcans near Epics HQ
              maybe you find it there


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                But they said it would be supported.... I have it , havnt played it yet ( tried the demo at my mates house tho ). No i aint ripping off a copy of wintendo just to play it - i would just like to know ye or neh so i can either get rid of it ( its just sat on my shelf staring at me... the resale value is depreciating :P ) or install it .


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