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    FPS Strange--->FPS SUCKERS

    I was trying out a couple of demos and I found results which I cannot explain with my little knowledge.
    Note: Resolution for all is kept as a standard 1280X1024.
    System Specs are listed below.

    First Game: Assassins Creed : FPS Ranging from: 15-40, not good. (Medium High settings)

    Second Game : Unreal Tournament 3 : FPS Ranging from: 12-30, Effed up. (Medium settings)

    Third Game : Empire Earth : FPS Ranging from: 20-40, Not good (Medium High Settings).

    Fourth Game: Command And Conquer 3 : FPS Ranging from: Ranging from 30-80. Pretty good (Max Settings)

    Fifth Game: Time Shift : FPS Ranging from: 30-75, Pretty good. (Max settings)

    Sixth Game: Bet On Soldier : FPS Ranging from 30-60, Pretty good (Max Settings)

    Seventh Game: Gears Of War (PC) : FPS Ranging from: 5-15, HO-LEE-***** (Medium Settings).

    System Specs:

    Intel Pentium 4 (R) 3.00 GHz - 3.60GHz ( Overclocked 20% )
    ATI Radeon X1950 PRO AGP Sapphire:- Clocks- 580:702
    Driver: 8.2+Catalyst
    1792 MB RAM 184-pin
    450W 12V1-14A 12V2-19A
    17 inch LG Flatron Monitor Resolution- 1280X1024
    Windows XP Professional OS.

    Now I really can't explain this. PLEEAASE REPLY!

    What do you want explained to you? Why your FPS differs in certain games?

    If that's the case, it's mainly because your PC isn't the greatest, and every game engine is made differently. Which is why you get roughly the same FPS on UT3 and Gears of war. They're both on the unreal engine 3, and the graphics themselves don't really differ very much.


      Easy explantion, you will always suffer from low performance and at times unplayable game, because your Pentium 4 CPU died before it was born which means that you MUST change that cpu to C2D if you want to game on... P4 just as weak as **** roach.


        You old worn out single core P4 with AGP and single channel DDR is too slow to run modern games. The P4 last was listed on benchmark charts in 2006. It's way down at the very bottom back then.

        Your best bet is to just get an E6750, a GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3L, and a 8800GT 512MB. along with 2 GB of good DDR2 memory.

        If you need to do it on the cheap, you may also be able to find an used AMD socket 939 board with AGP slot on ebay, but you will need a dual core cpu in any case.


          Maybe I'm missing something here, but the P4 should suck for all the games, not for just a few.


            17" montors use 1024x768 as native resolution , trying using that for a change , your computer isnt high end so why putting on a big resolution..