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    Originally posted by 5yzygy View Post

    Does anyone play UT3 using an AMD processor system here and manage a constant 60FPS?

    Doubt it.
    Me locked at 64FPS, but tweaked at 1680x1050


      Originally posted by 5yzygy View Post

      Does anyone play UT3 using an AMD processor system here and manage a constant 60FPS?

      Doubt it.
      Do you mean constant or minimum? I have to search around a map to find out where and how low my minimum is. My worse fps is in the map containment in places around the flag base. (Not counting PhysX maps, they are lower) But, your right, Intel C2D chips are way better than anything AMD has out. The AM2 platform does not perform much if at all better than the old socket 939 did. AMD had sat still while Intel has leaped ahead.

      My very obsolete specs;
      Opty 180 @ 2.6GHz (socket 939)(AMD Dual-Core Optimizer)
      DFI Infinity NF4 SLI (nforce 6.85 driver)
      2GB DDR400 (value ram, 4x512MB single sided)
      2 X XFX 7950GT 570MHz 512MB SLI (169.04 driver, AFR2)
      BFG Ageia PhysX ( driver)(quiet Vantec ICEBERG5 cooler)
      SB Live 24 bit (1.004.0055 driver)
      XP64 pro SP2 (at least until Linux port arrives)
      1600x1200, 2-2 quality, 48-85 FPS (I set an 85 FPS cap in the ini file)
      1600x1200, 2-2 quality, 36-85 FPS PhysX maps
      21" Sony Trinitron G520, 100Hz refresh
      UT3 ver. 1.2
      If it ain't broke, don't fix it.


        FPS Problem Goes up and Down when lots peps in the server or bots

        AMD 6000+ X2 (3.0)
        Asus M2N E
        2GB Corsair XMS PC26400 C4
        eVGA 8800GTS 320
        Zalman ZM600W HP


          My X2 6400+ maintains a perfectly fine FPS (lowest I've seen is 53) in the game. If you're using a Phenom, make sure you do NOT have the TLB bug fix turned on. Chances are extremely low that you'll encounter this bug (and it's non-existent on the newer 9x50 CPUs) and having that fix turned on in your BIOS will bring a HUGE performance loss.


            Originally posted by |EnkripT| View Post
            XP or VISTA? try the 174.74 drivers **BETA** not the WHQL!! the WHQL does not support the 8800gt
            Ahahahaha yes it does... ur a silly person and you make me laugh.

            Umm whats ur reso? if u got a 24" LCD monitor dont expect good FPS if ur playing at the MAX reso.
            Basically an 8800GT can MAX settings and play well @ 60fps (default) with "reduced gore" on 1280 x 1024, But, an 8800GT would probably just manage 4/5 and 4/5 and get like 40fps with "reduced gore" on at 1680 x 1280 (or whatever it is, u get my meaning).

            ALSO : TURN reduced gore on!!!!!! i get like 40 with roughly same system with that option off. But with it on, i get a constant 75.

            EDIT : I think topic started either went to bed, or just dumped this thread...


              Originally posted by besalope View Post

              What resolution are you playing at? Also what game type? Warfare often drops down to low FPS ~35fps on most single gpu systems. Server ping/lag also plays a factor in this as well.
              Ive owned the same setup as him before, it's the processor. Believe.