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    Somehow I can only imagine that one of the Windows updates or something else overwrote one of the original driver files, because after completely uninstalling and reinstalling the driver the popping sounds have ceased.

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  • started a topic 1.2 Patch SOUND ISSUE

    1.2 Patch SOUND ISSUE

    Throughout the entire UT3 game--UI menus, mission startup, and in-game, there is a constant pop / static playing with all sounds. The sounds do play, and they can be heard, but there is always the pop / static in the background.

    I do NOT have this problem with any other game or application, including BioShock version 1.1, which is an Unreal3 engine game as I recall.

    The problem just started after upgrading to UT3 patch 1.2 and the bonus pack.
    I am using the onboard Sigmatel HD Audio Chip that came built in to my Dell E521.

    System Specs:
    Dell E521
    nVidia nForce 430 Chipset (Socket AM2)
    2 GB DDR2-667 RAM (running single channel mode)
    AMD Athlon X2 5400+ (2.8 Ghz per core)
    300 GB Western Digital SATA HD
    Samsung 16x DVD+-RW
    nVidia 9600 GT 512 MB (ECS / Elitegroup brand, should be reference board design).
    Windows XP SP2 with most recent updates (just did a full service update, added 80+ system and security updates).
    nVidia video driver version 174.74

    Video-wise, the game runs flawlessly--1680x1050 resolution with most details on high, getting between 40-70 FPS on every map, no crashing, no stability issues----but this sound static and popping is driving me CRAZY, and apparently, having perused the forums, no one else is having this issue with this hardware setup.

    I've tweaked the Game.ini to change the # of audio channels, the sound delay, changed the AudioDevice setting from Generic Software to blank, no changes, still static-y.

    I've also noticed that the sound now cuts out intermittently during a server refresh--don't know if the issue is related or not.

    I thought that maybe the Microsoft High Definition audio codec package might be causing the the problem, which I can uninstall, but I'm hesitant to mess too much with Windows, not because I can't reinstall if there's a problem, I just don't want to take the time if it crashes.

    NEED IDEAS, thoughts, potential problems, etc. if anyone has some.