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    help me plzzzzz

    im having problems with importing mods to my playstation 3. i do everything im supposed to, i go to community, then my content, the i press square to import. the flash drive pulls up and when i select it it says theres nothing on there(when there is). anyone help me plz?

    Re: help me plzzzzz

    If you have not installed the PS3 patch, you need to put the mod file (should be named "userdata.jam") into the following folder directory structure:


    In other words, create a folder on the flash drive named "PS3", then create a folder in that folder named "SAVEDATA", then create a folder in THAT folder named "BLUS30086-MODIMPORT". Finally, place your mod file in the BLUS30086-MODIMPORT folder. The PS3 will now recognize the mod and allow you to import it.

    I highly recommend you download the UT3 patch for the PS3. Among other fixes, the patch allows you to place mods in the root directory of your flash drive for importing.

    Good luck!

    PS: also make sure the mod you are trying to install was made specifically for the PS3. You cannot install mods created for the PC onto the PS3.