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Game requires CD key EVERYTIME I load

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    Game requires CD key EVERYTIME I load

    Every single time my son loads UT3 on my computer it asks him for the CD key.

    Although it was annoying I didn't find it reason enough to come to the site make an account and complain about it. However now starting today it says the CD key is Invalid the same key hes been using every **** day since I got him the game for Christmas.

    Any ideas?

    3 Gig dual core Athalon
    4 Gig Ram
    Vista 64 Bit

    Although im sure im gonna be told vista is the problem I HAVE tried running it as Administrator and it still asks for the **** CD key everytime. What gives?

    From Troubleshooting & Technology 'Sticky' thread entitled "Tracked Issues" (link)

    Originally posted by WarTourist
    Constant Key Re-entry: Have to enter the product key everytime you start the game.
    Status: OPEN
    Main Thread: