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CPU wont read psp

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    CPU wont read psp

    When I plug my psp into the computer, this pop up normally pops up and says something about playing the files on it. I dont pay any attention to it and move on. I send it to my psp and then download to my PS3. Today, i tried and it dosent load up the pop up, and when i try to send the file, the psp dosent pop up in the list. Same with i pod except when i plug it in, i tunes comes up. Some one please help!

    Hmm. . . that's weird. . . someone deleted my reply. . . what for?

    1) Try another USB 2.0 port
    2)Start-->Run--> services.msc
    Make sure the following are not disabled, and are running when you connect your devices:
    Apple Mobile Service
    iPod Service
    Plug and Play
    Portable Media Serial Number Service
    Removable Storage
    Shell Hardware Detection Service
    Smart Card
    I think that's it. . . .