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applied new 1.2 patch, black screen

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    many people have problems with the 1.2 patch...some ppl cant play online, some cant get past the intro...

    Yeah Facing Worlds soundtrack 'Foregone Destruction' is sweet as ever

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  • started a topic applied new 1.2 patch, black screen

    applied new 1.2 patch, black screen

    I decidied to try the bonus pack, hadnt played UT3 for a while been busy.. (whew on that)

    Plugged the patch in, started, got all the intro screens then black, nuthin.
    I nabbed the latest NVidia drivers (GF7900 GTOC) WQHL version, same thing I had a mouse I could see so I guessed my firewall maybe blocking me so tried to click where it said yes/no (couldnt see nuttin, guessing). finally got to the login screen.

    Seems when the UT3 proggie is interrupted by out of proggie interupts, it needs to break out totally minimized. Firewall prolly intercepted "New program or changed program".

    Looks like the game is working at this point, I'll check my firewall.

    Ah, facing worlds music returned,, cool.