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Foliage Factory problem

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    Foliage Factory problem

    Hi there,

    Trying to use Unreal Editor 3 for Machinima, experimenting with foliage factory, I incurred in a major problem, whenever I use a foliage volume,
    and I've made a lot of tests, it causes my ingame viewport to go extremely corrupt, to the point where all I see is a mish-mash of distorted textures vaguely resebling the textures I use, as far as color is concerned. This only
    happens when I turn the view towards the area that is supposed to have foliage. erturning to normal if I turn away. It does not happen with Deco Layers or Foliage layers.

    Currently have no way of posting a screenshot.

    My specs are
    Intel 2core 2.4 cpu
    2Gb ram
    XFX geforce 7950 GTX

    Is this a known problem? tried a search of the forum, and I think one more person is having similar problems...

    Thanks for an amazing engine and tools,


    Yes, I had the same issue with a couple of maps (large) that I tried to make in the original release. That was 3 months ago and scrapped the maps because they corrupted and couldn't fix them - both very large as I said. I thought I scrapped all the map levels (I increment as I add/change things to the map in case of any issues that pop up - I can revert back 1 level). I was looking thru my folders to clean some stuff up and came across one of my levels (before 1.2 patch), so I thought I would fire the editor up and see if the patch resolved any issues with the map - NOT - same ****. I have not been able to determine exactly what caused the issue - but I have seen that with maps that seem to use the foliage factory. I don't know if you use it sparingly if it would eliminate the problem as I gave up using the foliage factory because of issues every time I tried it . . .



      Good to know it's not my setup, it happens every time I use Foliage Volume,
      no matter how big the map is, on terain, Meshes, or Bsp...


        managed to get foliage factory working on a different map I made, rather unstable, uh?


          yea, I haven't touched it in the last couple maps I made- next one I may play with it in small areas - we shall see - been placing manually as I don't trust using it . . .