thanks a bunch for the ps3 patch. the game still tends to freeze from time to time. forcing me to play something else out of anger. im not mad at devs or nothing cause i know cetain games will never really leave beta and we became beta testers at time of purchase so im cool with that. but anyway here are bugs and necessary requests i got so far for next patch.

game freeze or gets stuck loading
still need manual crouch
support for custom sounds
better translation from cooked mods(ex. mods work on pc not ps3)
install mods straight to hdd from website while game is off if possible
ingame message reading
when downloading mod from server prompt to keep mod
see team mems or everyone on map option

well thats all i could think of right now, anyone have suggestions, plz post lets help kill the bugs so people want to buy ut3 and fill the servers!!! WOOHOO

PS: thanx to team EPIC for the best game ever keep up the great work !!!