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[help] no good graf in game (flower are blurry)

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    [help] no good graf in game (flower are blurry)


    my pc spec's

    AMD Athlon 64 processor 3800+ / 2,41 GHz, 2,00 GB memory
    grafcard: ATI radeon 800 GTO
    OS: win prof with sp2

    When i play de fist TDM map direct action the flowers all look blurry not like flower but more like green water or somthing like that.
    My qeustion is could some one tell me whats wrong of what are the right setting to play the game with normal grafisch.

    Thanks in advance.


    You seem to have a rather old and slow computer. You can increase the graphics settings in your "settings" section of the main menu. However, by default the game detects your system speed and sets those accordingly - so if you increase the graphics settings and make the game look awesome, it will also run very slow. So don't complain if you only get 5 frames per second afterwards


      oke thats a shame is it just my graf card or de proc and stuff

      also i find out that i dint updated it with the two patches so that i'm gonna do and hopfully it looks better.

      i dont need a cool looking ut3 with a fram rate of 5 i only wanna play that i can see everything hehe.

      thanks for the info m8



        I think the game will look like 8-bit color on a SM2.0 card, so that could also be your problem. You need a newer graphics card, and a processor upgrade in the near future.


          oke then i need to find out what grafcard is good for my pc spec.
          thanks for all the info still need to look after the two update was almost 500 mb :|


            First, check your motherboard to see what type of slot you have (AGP or PCI express). Since you have an X800, you probably have an AGP slot. In that case, you should consider an entire new motherboard with at least 1 PCI express x16/2.0 and an Nvidia GeForce 8800/9600 graphics card. You may want to upgrade your processor as well if you are getting a new motherboard.


              I can barely run UT3 on an AMD x64 3800+ 2Gb and a GF6600 with its bios modded to unlock the extra vertex shaders and push the gpu and mem speeds up..don't think you stand a chance on that setup m8.


                A 6600 is bare-bones minimum spec. I'm surprised you can run it at all.


                  I don't usually, main box is a GTX thats my backup/ut3 lan server


                    i now have a graf card from a friend a geforce 7900 GTX 512 mb now i dont have a power cabel i ordered a adapter from 4 pin to 6 pin i have it monday i hope i let you all in touch.
                    I can also play without the extra power i now see normal flowers and stuff but for better performance i also use that adapter.

                    for people with my system can play (never expect that i would but hey made my week allot more happy)

                    thanks for the help




                      Originally posted by Stringer View Post
                      I can barely run UT3 on an AMD x64 3800+ 2Gb and a GF6600 with its bios modded to unlock the extra vertex shaders and push the gpu and mem speeds up..don't think you stand a chance on that setup m8.
                      I dunno what's up with your 'puter Stringer, but my oldest computer is below minimum specs and it runs the game fine 99% of the time. (I have a minor issue that keeps re-occuring that's definitely software-related)

                      It's a AMD Sempron 3200+, 2GB Corsair RAM, 40 GB HDD + 80 GB HDD + 120 GB HDD, GF 7600 GT 512MB

                      It's not as pretty as my big rig, but it runs 1024x768 decently as long as the World Detail is set to 1 and Texture Detail is set to 4. I can't really understand what causes the drastic slow-down between 4 and 5 on the textures, because visually they look the same to me...

                      Anyways, I am off-topic.

                      Really the graphics card is what you are going to need an upgrade on pronto.

                      The CPU upgrade would be nice, but I would honestly say to save up some cash, then go out and buy a new Motherboard with a decent chipset WITH the new CPU and make sure it can take 6-8 GB of ram. Then you can drop in the minimum 2GB and upgrade more later.

                      I did that and my big rig is now a AMD Athlon 64 4800+ x2, 8 GB Corsair Ram, NVidea GeForce 8800 GT, Sound Blaster Audigy 2 (I like my old sound card hehe), and 2x 320 GB SATA HDDs.

                      All in all, the work to install the parts is minimal and you'll save a ton of money, especially if you can continue to upgrade over time, cuz you'll be saving money as the prices keep dropping on the stuff you want.


                        Sounds good that you got that 7900, that's a nice card

                        The XP SP2 is wonderful for UT3, you'll probably want to upgrade the mainboard and CPU next. I don't know how fast your RAM is, current RAM speeds are 800MHz (with 1033MHz for some sticks), so you should be able to get some performance out of an upgrade there as well, but it's less crucial than the processor.

                        Generally, upgrading a computer in small steps is best indeed, as it's rather cheap and you can use some components for a long time (I had a 4x-speed CD burner for nearly 10 years, barely used it for burning though, and my first case lasted me 14 years too).