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    ok, here it goes.

    Alright so i have my UT3 for a couple of months now. fully patched and everything. Been playing with not to much trouble untill now.

    When i start up my UT3 you'll see the startup screen with , press any button to continue. *click* Please enter a valid CD-Key to continue. *enters CD-key (yes it is a retail, i did spend my money on it) then i get a message; CD-Key is not valid, please enter a CD-key that is shown in the UT3 box etc etc.

    Does anyone know how to get past this. It's really anoying.

    Thanks anyways.


    uninstall the patches.
    try to enter your cd-key on version 1.0 (normal game without any patch).
    Furthermore when its work install the patches.

    When i understand you correctly, than somebody has the same cd-key like you.

    My cd-key problem is that, when i m unplug (not connected to internet) it runs well, without any cd-key entermenue. But when i m connected so i have to enter my key.
    Also every time when i change between online (connected) and offline (not connected) i have to enter my **** key.

    very strange.

    epic can you fix it ?


      Well ill give it a shot. But if my CDKey has the same as me. I demand a new one from epic. I have the box and reciet.


        Ok... still screwed. First i tried to disinstal my game. Wich didnt work. After that i used system recovery tool thingy. Then i re-installed mygame.
        After doing all that. I started up my game, and i needed to enter my CD-Key wich didnt do much.

        I still need some help. Anyone?



          strange. try to install ut3 again without deinstalling.just overinstall (overwrite all files).
          then start the game, enter your cd-key, when it works, install the patch v1.2.

          When this dont works, post your specs and which plattform you use? (vista, xp)?