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Unable to start up Unreal Tourn 3 Editor

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    Unable to start up Unreal Tourn 3 Editor

    It used to run fine, then I started working on things, learning the program (I am completely new to it.)

    I was following a set of online tutorials, that did tell me the nomenclature of the maps and how to save them. My first save, however, got messed up somehow. I tried to resave it, and things got messy from there. I started saving everything to a CustomMaps folder. But only with the first save was messed up. When I moved on to other files, things worked fine for a while.

    Then when I came back, UT3E does not start up. It has the flash screen, then talks about an illegal operation, and won't open.

    I completely uninstalled both UT3 and UT3E, deleted the old Unreal Folder, and reinstalled everything, hoping for a clean slate. That hasn't fixed anything. Right now, when I try to start up UT3E, the following occurs, as it has since the problem started.

    >I click on the desktop icon to start it, and a message pops up:

    Ambiguous package name: Using 'D:\Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\CookedPC\CustomMaps\DM-CSGTest01.ut3', not 'D:\Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\CookedPC\Maps\DM-CSGTest01.ut3

    (Neither of these files exist it would seem. I deleted the entire CustomMaps folder, and cannot find that other file in the Maps folder either.)

    >I hit Ok

    Splash Screen comes up. Sits for about 3 minutes.

    Then I get an Illegal Operation. Details follow:

    Please help!

    go to

    My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3

    delete or rename Unreal Tournament 3
    kinda like this if your renaming Unreal Tournament 35555

    then start your game your game will make that directory again and you will have to type your cd key again that should help you fix your issue it did for me and it beats reinstalling the whole game

    good luck