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Keyboard / Mouse Not Respodning In-Game

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    Keyboard / Mouse Not Respodning In-Game

    Hello there, just signed up as Ive a big problem.
    I have the PC version of UT3 and my PC easily runs it at full settings.
    I played it most days after I first bought it then stopped for a couple due to work (Im at Uni).

    Then, when I return to play, it loads fine, I had to sort my settings out again as for some reason it hadnt saved them, i.e. Keyboard bindings and such in the options menu.

    When I then start a FFA DM map or any map for that matter, I get the 'Press [Fire] to start' screen, but pressing Fire does nothing.
    I also cannot move about the map. Mouse look works so i can look around, but none of my keyboard or mouse buttons respond ingame. I have to do Ctrl+Alt+Delete to get out the game.

    The game hasnt frozen as all the lights still pulsate and weapons rotate as usual, as well as other environmental effects still functioning fine.
    However my keyboard and mouse have now decided to stop responding ingame.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thank you.

    p.s. My PC is an AMD6000+ 64 X2, 3.0Ghz. 4GB RAM. Geforce 8800GT. Dont know sound card name. And of the 500GB HD, 250GB is still free so cant be memory problems.
    Oh and I run Windows Vista 32bit version at the moment.
    The keyboard is a standard Microsoft Wired Keyboard (10 quid from PCWorld) and the Mouse is a Logitech Mx518.

    Obviously the mouse + keyboard work fine out game as Ive written on here with them and they also work perfectly fine in other games such as CSS, Supreme Commander and HL2.

    22 Views and no one can help?


      If anyone can help or at least make a suggestion I would be grateful.