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Several problems with UT3

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    Several problems with UT3

    I've just bought my Unreal Tournament 3 Collector's Editon, and I've played it for a couple of days now. But I notice problems with my UT3 (got patch v1.2).

    1. In movies (IE. campaign intro) I've got no sound.

    2. My grapich settings are set to low, and I can't change it.

    3. My UTEngine.ini is missing, which may be the problem to nr. 1.

    I've got:

    : Compaq Evo D510 CMT, with Microsoft XP Home Edition
    : 2.26 GHz
    : 1 GB RAM

    I know it's not a very impressive computer, but it's old.
    If anyone could send me a copy of the (orginal, not modified) UTEngine.ini, that would've been great.

    #2 got the latest sound drivers,and prob right codecs.
    2.set your screen percentage to 100% in game options.
    3.your ini files are in c:/ mydocs,your name,mygames,ut3,configs


      Ok, thank you for repying. But what did you mean with 1. ?

      Why do I got no sound in movies?


        ok, i've got sound now. It's just my comp sucks, so I can't view the movies. going to buy a new comp soon anyway