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Changing Ut3 Language

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    Changing Ut3 Language

    I have CZECH version of UT3. I like original english version, not stupid translations!!! Does anybody know how can I change language? I replaced
    "Language=CZE" line with "Language=INT" in Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config\UTEngine.ini file. Everything should be allright but UEditor crashes!!! Allways when I want to run UEditor I need to change INT to CZE. And when I am ready with UE then again CZE to INT for english in game. I know, it is working but it is annoying and making me mad . If you know other technique, let me know. Thanx!!!

    You could write a batch file that copies over the needed ini file(s) each time anew when you run the editor or the game itself.

    EPIC could you please release a LANGUAGE PATCH for all international versions?