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opening xfire ingame causing view to spin

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    opening xfire ingame causing view to spin

    Hi there, I beleive ive stumbled upon a completely unique glitch as all manner of googling has achieved nothing remotely close to the problem im getting.

    If I open xfire in UT3 (scroll lock + x), my view starts "spinning", this problem persists after i close the xfire window, and i have to quit ut3, the mouse pointer will move of its own accord in the game menu.

    Heres my spec - Intel Q6600 @ stock, 8800GT 512MB, 2GB DDR2 PC6400

    I have not altered the game config files in any way.

    Any suggestions?

    i havent had that yet on ut3 i had it on ut2004 i used xfire with ut3 with no issues dunno what to tell u