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Mouse problem when walking on stairs/slopes.

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    Mouse problem when walking on stairs/slopes.

    This problem started happening after I did a fresh install of UT3 and upgraded straight to the latest patch (1.2). Moreover, this problem only occurs online and on custom maps. It makes no sense to me ;/ I even backed up my entire config folder before I reformatted and it is still happening. A few others from have been getting this problem as well.


    My screen appears to shift as if my character was crouching whenever I move along any map incline. This includes all stairs, slopes, and floor bumps. Whenever I touch anything that is inclined, my screen will shift, thus, dropping my crosshair a good half inch from where it was originally until I get back onto level ground. This makes aiming VERY difficult. This has nothing to do with autoslope, landingviewshake, or headbob; I have all of those disabled. This only happens online and on custom maps.

    Anyone have any ideas?


    did this happen before your install?

    Also, in before noobs come in telling you to turn off autoslope.