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UT3 runned fine, now won't budge

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    UT3 runned fine, now won't budge

    Greetz all,

    I have this odd problem.

    I have played ut3 without a problem before, at least 20 or more times..
    didn't experience any problems whatsoever.

    until recently i wanted to start the game, i got the splash screen utlogo..

    saw that for 4 seconds splash dissapears... and that's it
    so i tried again.. still nothing, hmmm odd

    reboot: same thing!
    unloaded any virtual drives/nero thingies : same thing
    deleted personal utfolder :same thing (allthough folder are recreated afterwards)
    deleted, reinstalled the entire thing, : same thing, with patch again same thing.

    i checked task manager, ut3 just quits, nothing linked to it

    I don't have a clue what the problem is

    maybe it's my soundcard which i bought recently soundblaster xfi pci

    my system specs:

    AMD 6400+black edition
    Asus crosshair mobo
    Asus 8800ultra 768mb
    Soundblaster XFI
    2G ocz ddr2

    MOD please remove this post, as there is a thread going on for this


      Why not let him know which thread it is and not just close him down?