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I see the various company logos....then nothing

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    I see the various company logos....then nothing

    I have just installed UT3 and whenever I try to play the game it shows me all the various company logos, once they're gone my screen goes blank and nothing else shows at all, no matter how long I leave it for.

    What's odd is that my computer screen then acts like it's been disconnected from the computer and is receiving no input.

    I believe my system reaches the minimum requirements (not sure about the recommended but hey, it should still work):

    Windows XP SP2
    3.20 GHz single processor
    512Mb RAM
    NVIDEA GeForce 6600

    Anyone have a solution?

    The ingame resolution may be set to high, it may be at a resolution which your monitor can't support
    You could change some settings in the .ini files located in your my documents\my games\Unreal tournament 3\UTgame\Config
    i believe you need to open UTGame.ini but i'm not sure, search the file for the text resolution or windowed mode.

    If you find the resolution, change the XY resolution to for example, 800x600 (most monitors will support that) save the file and launch the game

    You could also run the game in windowed mode and set the desired resolution when ingame
    There should be a setting for that to.


      Looked in the file, found nothing that looked like XY resolution controls (I found a resolution section, however nothing looked like it controlled XY resolution).

      However I installed the game on my Laptop and that works, so I copied the UTgame.ini file from the laptop to my computer and put it in place of the original as well as all the others (My laptop suffers from a major graphical glitch where 1 second I'll play in slow mo, then I'll play for a second in fast forward in ANY game i play, so laptop gaming is out).

      Following this I tried to find out if i could change it to windowed, no dice. So I changed the game on my laptop to windowed and copied over the files again, now my game on this computer opens in windowed mode and instead of the entire screen going blank, I simply get an error message saying somethings gone wrong and the game has to close.

      So, it ain't the screen resolution, got any other good ideas?


        bump, anyone?


          I'm kind of getting the same thing, I can't even get UT3 to play.. No one can helpm me..