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UT3 crashing at launch on Mac

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    Originally posted by pionata View Post
    Actually, the best gaming laptop is a macbook pro (according to pc magazine).

    Only ignorants bash mac; Macs are amazing computers with nice design and a solid os. Since I made the switch I would never buy a pc again, like mostly everyone who bought a mac.

    Through the best combo is a mac for work and consoles for games.
    You can get better performance in a PC laptop vs any mac laptop, that is not ignorance that is the truth. Perhaps the 8600 WAS the best video card out when they did the review? Not anymore you will not be able to get PC performance with a mac right now.

    Right now you can get PC 8800 and macs are still stuck at 8600.


      about laptops, I think that the apple laptops are wonderful!!!

      But for home computers... if you buy a computer mainly for playing games and you want to upgrade it every year... that's not a good idea to buy a mac.

      by the way I have an iMac g4 with 1ghz single processor, only 512mb ram and a 32mb video card and leopard, the last apple OS, works just perfectly!
      People has to know that a thing like microsoft vista has been made just to make them waste money to upgrade their pc.

      my iMac has 5 years now... and still works perfectly. Obviously I don't play games on it (the first ghost recon? ) so I have bought a ps3.