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Can't start UT3

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    Thanks orochimarulis for the kind words. I found that fix on another forum post.

    You are correct that the game will work with sound .. albeit 2 speaker stereo. I have yet to hear the 5.1 or in my case the 4.1 surround sound in this game.

    Although gameplay at times can be very good I have experienced UT3 game crashed in the middle of an online game. Where I was booted right back to my desktop.

    I guess I can just keep on hoping for new drivers or another patch from Epic, as they don't seem to pro-active to fix this issue.

    At least I can play the game...

    Happy Fraggin!


      Sadly -nosound is not giving me a workaround.


        Iam also having the same problem only, i have a question, do you ahve to have the cd in to actually play? Please someone anwser


          I have the problem with the CD in or out, so that's not the problem (but also doesn't quite answer your question).


            Just now UT3 wouldn't load until I closed Internet Explorer..
            This was after a clean boot, and a few mins using IE.
            It's all so random when it decides it will boot ok.


              UT3 error

              when i launch mine it does the like epic sign thingy and others and then screen turns black makes a nose and restartes my pc what do i got i updated all my stufff these r me specs

              AMD athlon 64x2 dual core processer 3800+
              2.00 ghz of ram HP palvan help me!!!!!!!!!!!


                Would just like to say I am having the same problem. I never had so many problems with a computer game before, and I play many. I think epic focuses all their time and resources for the console now, and is why this game is running so poorly even a year after release. Where is the support? Where do all those millions of dollars go to from making games like gears of war and the unreal franchise? How about we spend some of that money on a support team. Just my opinion.


                  Guy's i hope u aint seriuse. The sound problem is not EPIC's problem..moste of u who has " no answer: problem will meat this **** again be other new games [at least in Vista ]. Creative user : Microsoft stop'd supporting Creative in Vista , thats ur problem , but good news is that Creative preparing new drivers for Vista user - Mb they will help .