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UT3 crashes when I want to load up a game

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    Your problem sounds more RAM memory related than the video card.
    The game is crashing when loading the data to RAM. Check to see if it
    is seated properly and all voltages and timings are correct. Are they
    a matched pair? Are you running an unmatched pair in dual channel? etc..

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  • started a topic UT3 crashes when I want to load up a game

    UT3 crashes when I want to load up a game

    I don't know what's wrong here, I have a :

    Running on windowsXP
    Dell dimension 8300 series
    Intel P4 processor at 2.6
    2 - 512mb kingston - ram = 1 gig.
    160 - gig hard drive
    7600 gs AGP - Nividia video card - card not overheating - temp. at 49*

    For me UT3 crashes after i'm done with my setup of choosing which game" deathmatch, team death match, etc. When I click the start game process the 6 ">>>>>>" process indication is loading up, then I get lock up, black screen, or bad pixel display. At times after UT3 crashes my screen resolution reverts back to a 640 X 440 default settings. I have updated my Nividia driver to the 169.21 with no luck. I have even tried to use a older version driver 93.71 like other people suggested and no luck. Everything seems to run fine going through the credits and set up process, but when I hit that start game, I'm cooked here.

    Kernell32.DLL error

    I have tried like others suggested to change the :
    bintialize shaders on demand to true.

    I have downloaded the patch updates 1.1 & 1.2

    I thinking here I made a bad choice for my video card selection for gaming.
    My UT 2004 demo works fine, no problems.

    Any help is appreciated