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PS3 mic?

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    PS3 mic?

    hello im playing for a while ut3 but i noticed that the headset doesnt work on the ps3 version. is it a problem of my headset or is it a fault of the game,
    and can't you do something about the network of the ps3 cuz evrytime i finished one game it say connection lost and it will disconnect me from the game

    The Microphone doesn't seem to work on the PS3 version:
    OPEN (1 solution/1 work around available)
    Solution: UT3 uses a "hold to talk" method that requires you press the right d-pad down while you talk, like a walkie-talkie.
    Work Around: UT3 requires that your microphone is enabled prior to launching the game. Please follow these steps to ensure it is:
    1) In the XMB go to Audio Settings
    2) Connect bluetooth device
    3) Talk into the mic to confirm that it is indeed connected (you'll see a colored meter shrink and grow to the sound of your voice)
    4) Choose OK once confirmed
    5) Start the game.
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