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Editor crashes on splash screen

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    Editor crashes on splash screen

    Dear Epic,

    I realise this thread is more suited to the troubleshooting forum, but as the thread already there on this issue is ignored by Epic and continually finds itself off the first page, despite bumbs, i've decided to post on general chat.

    Im pretty angry as about a week ago Unreal Editor just wouldn't start up, it sayds "Unreal.exe encountered a problem and had to close" so the maps im working on may never get finished and i cant do any modding with the game. I bought the collectors edition for the video tuorials too, and as the Editor comes with the game i feel like i am gettin ripped off now that its not working and i would like some kind of help from Epic please! I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it still doesnt pretty sure i didnt do anything stupid thought i may have said 'yes to all' when it asked me to save some packages when i was in a hurry, and i know your not supposed to do that. Still why doesnt it work when i reinstall.

    I would really like someone to get back to me on this issue and would like to see some support from Epic instead of them just letting the community do all the work for finding/helping with bugs etc. Surely the whole point of this forum is that support is given from the makers of the game.

    So thankyou if you can get back to me i would really appreciate your help on this subject!

    Jon from England

    have you tried removing the ini files from the config folder?


      Hi Brad.G,

      i removed UTgame and UTEditor to see if that would work but it still crashed the ED on splash. Do you mean any in particular, and i dont really understand how taking files out of the config would make it work more than fail? Do i put the files in another folder or remove them? Thanks

      I dont really get what the source of the problem is...


        dont delete them, just make a folder somewhere and put all the files in there. reason being when config files are removed, UT generates new ones so if theres an error in there it'l correct itself.. i would say can your graphics card handle it, but i think you said youve mapped before in the first post so that rules that out. best of luck