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framerate choppiness

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    framerate choppiness

    I've installed the latest patch (1.2), and I'm still having a very choppy experience with UT3.

    Here are my specs:

    AMD Athlon Dual Core 5200+
    NVIDIA GeForce 7800GTX
    2gb of DDR2 RAM.

    I'm running Vista, and it says my Windows Experience Index is 5.2.

    Now, I've got the game set to 1024x768, with no hardware physics accelleration, and the textures turned to half, and it still runs very choppy.

    I am going to buy an 8800GT in the next few months, but until then, what can I do to get this to run acceptably?

    go back to XP, Vista and UTIII share hate between both of them.


      The best performance gains are realized by using the latest drivers. Cutting edge beta drivers are leading the way. Check out my Forceware Comparison Charts:

      Here's a great place to get drivers for both XP and Vista: