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Patch 1.1 Still forgets CDKey and Settings

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    Patch 1.1 Still forgets CDKey and Settings

    I know there's probably 1000s of threads out there like this one, but PHPBB sucks so bad it's almost impossible to navigate or search them successfully.
    I got UT3 for Christmas. I’ve been playing since UT. I bought UT, UT2K3, UT2K4 and now UT3 (as a gift). I really enjoy this game, however I am unable to enjoy playing the newest version due to the fact that the game NEVER remembers my CD-KEY or my settings (such as key bindings, resolution, “windowed”, etc). I think I read somewhere that if your “My Documents” folder is pointed to a place other than the default location, it will not remember this. This was a problem in the UT3Demo, however it was not fixed upon initial release, or release of the first (and quite possibly the 2nd patch [found here:]).

    I would really like to enjoy this game. Can anyone please advise me on what I need to do to play with my current configuration? Or at least point me to a thread that will help me solve my problem.


    I think this is a fix for your problem:


      I have upgraded to the latest PhysX Drivers (7.11.13) ran UT3, setup my resolution, window mode and entered my CDKey. I even joined a game on a server.

      When I closed and re-opened the game, none of my settings had "stuck". I still was asked to re-enter my CDKey and the window opened full screen when I configured it to open in a window.

      Any other suggestions?


        dl patch 1.2
        see if that helps


          I failed to mention that I have already downloaded/installed this patch and did not help my situation.


            I downloaded the new UT3 Patch 1.2 and applied. I was shocked to see that I still have to re-enter my CD-Key every time I power on my Window XP Gaming PC. If I log in and out of UT3 I don't have to re-enter my CD-Key but if I power off my PC and then back on I have to re-enter it every time.

            I contacted Epic Tech Support back in December 2007 about this CD-Key problem and they said it would be fixed in the first patch. I applied the first patch and it was not fixed. Then I was told it would be fixed in the second patch and it's still not fixed.

            All of the changes that I make to the UT3 Settings are stored in the UT3 .ini files in "My Documents Folder" but for some reason the CD-Key is not sticking.

            I loaded UT3 on two different PC's and I have to re-enter my CD-Key on both. This is not a problem with just one of my PC's.

            Does anyone else have this CD-Key problem with Patch 1.2? You must speak up in order for Epic to realize this is a major issue and needs to be fix immediately.



              This really does need the attention of Epic for it to be taken seriously. I feel like i bought a faulty piece of software and they don't care to troubleshoot the issue.


                Yep, 1.2 does not fix the problem.