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How to apply a downloaded model???

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    How to apply a downloaded model???

    Hi all, I'm new in this forum!

    I have a problem. I have downloaded some models from internet for the UT3, but I don't know how to apply them in order to work in the game.

    I know that all the models com with an .int file, an .upk file (I know where to paste them), and the info or text lines that I have to paste to the "UtCustomChar" file. The problem is with these lines, I don't know where I have to paste them exactly in the "UtCustomChars" file.

    I have tried a lot of ways to do it but there isn't any that work.

    Example of the text lines of a model that I have of Cloud from Final Fantasy VII:

    Parts=(Part=PART_Head,ObjectName="Cloud2.cloud_hea d",PartID="ZZ",FamilyID="IRNM")
    Parts=(Part=PART_Torso,ObjectName="Cloud2.cloud_to rso",PartID="ZZ",FamilyID="IRNM")
    Parts=(Part=PART_Arms,ObjectName="Cloud2.cloud_arm s",PartID="ZZ",FamilyID="IRNM")
    Parts=(Part=PART_Thighs,ObjectName="Cloud2.cloud_t highs",PartID="ZZ",FamilyID="IRNM")
    Parts=(Part=PART_Boots,ObjectName="Cloud2.cloud_bo ots",PartID="ZZ",FamilyID="IRNM")
    Parts=(Part=PART_ShoPad,ObjectName="Cloud2.cloud_X ShoPad01",PartID="ZZ",FamilyID="IRNM")
    Parts=(Part=PART_Helmet,ObjectName="Cloud2.cloud_H elmet",PartID="ZZ",FamilyID="IRNM")

    Characters=(CharName="Cloud",Description="<Strings :UTGameUI.CharLocData.OSC_Description>",CharID="ZZ ",bLocked="false",Faction="Ironguard",PreviewImage Markup="<Images:UI_Portrait.Character.UI_Portrait_ Character_Ironguard_Male_Head02>",CharData=(Family ID="IRNM",HeadID="ZZ",TorsoID="ZZ",ShoPadID="ZZ",b HasLeftShoPad=true,bHasRightShoPad=true,ArmsID="ZZ ",ThighsID="ZZ",BootsID="ZZ"))
    How I paste this lines in my "UtCustomCHars" file?

    Can somebody help me please?

    Thank you.

    Nobody knows how to do it?

    Please help >_<