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    The game keeps telling me to forward ports or use a dmz server. Why the hell doesn't it give me the actual ports I need to forward? Stupid problem #1

    Secondly I went in to my router control panel and it's strongly advised not to use a dmz server because it opens my computer up to attacks. I don't want to mess about with all this ****. BUT i made a dmz server anyway just for the sake of hosting a doesn't even ****ing work!!

    I've done a search and find people with this problem, but still no one lists the ports to forward!! It's very infuriating.

    I could host games in UT2004 no problems, why change things? It does nothing but frustrate your customers so stop making life more difficult and don't fix what isn't broken



      After loads of searching I finally got it working using this method

      Absolutely ridiculous that some of us need to do this


        Omg, i just read that page and i understand, the other ones just baffled me. THX

        This one -)