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Issue with running the game

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    Issue with running the game

    I understand that there have been many problems with running this game however I was unable to find a solution that was directly related to my issue so I turn to you guys/gals. I recently put my computer together on Wednesday (2/06/08) and Unreal Tournament is the only game I was excited to play however it crashes when I try to play it. Important computer specs are as followed:

    Intel Duo 2 Core 2.4
    2 x NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT
    Vista 32 bit version

    The game installs fine however when I try to run it, it goes through the beginning screens and when it gets to the "press any key" menu and the screen goes blank. I have tried updating all my drivers and installing the patch however it hasn't helped. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

    bump... anyone have any ideas???