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Graphics are a little messed up?

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    Graphics are a little messed up?

    After finally installing the game I am faced with yet another problem. The Graphics are really messed up this time. I just downloaded the update for my driver for my Graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce 6200SE). I am really dissapointed, does this mean I should have to get a new graphics card or is there any other way which I can bypass this? Also I am experiencing some lag.

    Click for picture >

    The 6200 is the lowest card that will run it, the way it looks is due to the settings the game is on.

    You need to get a new card. That's just how it is.


      Well, no they're not messed up, (i think urs are though) but umm ur graphics card is really low, this game was designed for the 8800's not the 6200's.
      I read somewhere on these forums, that the graphics really isnt that great if u got under 6600GT graphics card.

      And yes u shud get a new GPU. - sorry. $150 - $200 = 8600GT USD
      $250+ = 8800 series. USD

      As for the lag, QUOTE "this game is heavily GPU dependant." ENDQUOTE


        Have you set your screen percentage in advance option from 50% to 100%.
        Yes it`s not a great card but still you should get a little better than that screenshot.