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My grapighs wont improve...

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    My grapighs wont improve...

    Sorry if this topic has been posted already but iam gettting outta options to try here,

    my pc specs are

    pentium 4 @ 3 ghz ( single core )
    radeon 9800 pro
    1 gb ramm
    200 gb hd

    latest ATI drivers ( version 7.0 rite )
    latest UT3 1.1 patch installed

    I know its not the best cofig , but its descent anough to run most games properly for the moment anyway ,

    I put 50 rendering percentage up to 100 , but still the grapighs look like the games been developed 10 years ago. If i got it then i would probably be happy but nowadays.

    The box says a radeon 9600 is minimum , well i suppose mine ""should" atleast give me some good grapighs. **** i was really excited to play this game but this grapigh thing really blows.

    Help is appreciated.

    Well, when it says minimum, it means you get the minimum with the minimum. Your 9800 card is basically the same as the minimum. Same goes for your P4 CPU. If you place a 12 inch ruler scale with the minimum requirements at the zero end and the recommended at the 12 inch end, your system is about a half inch from the zero.

    You really need to keep your screen res to 640x480 and 100% screen, likely 1 world and 1 texture quality as well.

    Check out this Game Spot tech review of hardware for UT3.


      I agree. The technology in your video card is five years old. If you want decent graphics, you'll have to do some kind of card upgrade.


        Ok thx.

        I c , well iam getting a new GFX card today with up to date technology


          Also, 7.0 isn't the latest ATi drivers.

          8.1 is, you can get them from here:

          Not that it will improve your fps at all, as mentioned above you really need a new GPU


            Your video card and cpu are terribly weak, espeically CPU since the P4 was the worst cpu since 2004, you have the minimum of minimum for game, so bad looking graphics is part of the deal.


              Originally posted by Aura-Z View Post
              Ok thx.

              I c , well iam getting a new GFX card today with up to date technology
              Be careful about what you buy. First, if you buy locally at some place like a BestBuy, you'll likely pay 30-75% more than if you get it online. A large majority of people would agree that the best place for purchasing online is Newegg.

              Now your system likely takes AGP graphics card, not the more recent PCI-E. That sort of limits you. You are not going to be able to purchase a card that gets fantastic graphics with the game because of AGP and because of the limitation of your processor (in some ways, a new computer is a much better investment). And some of the cheaper AGP cards will not give you much better performance than you are getting right now.

              So before you rush out and buy, what budget are you planning on? Let people assist you with the best card for your money. Then buy it online. Otherwise, you may be very disappointed with your purchase.


                FYI: If I were upgrading your machine with a new graphics card, here is what I would get: Sapphire Radeon HD 2600XT. However, I would also probably think seriously about a new computer or a motherboard, cpu and memory upgrade, too. That would allow you to run PCI-E graphics cards.


                  I too have a similar system to you, Aura-Z.

                  It's a 5 year old Intel P4 3.06 (with HT) and 1 GB RAM running XP.

                  On reading this board and recommendations I went for the 2600XT (AGP version) that the above poster mentions and am very pleased with it. I only have a 250W PSU but it works OK.
                  It is far from the best option, but I am at least able to play UT3, which I couldn't with my old 9550


                    Huh, i've got similiar PC last year. You know why now i got new one?
                    Yes, to play UT3.
                    U won't play on 9800 even on lowest details.


                      Did you try making the resolution any higher than the default, 800x600?