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Some troble on UT3 editor

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    Some troble on UT3 editor

    I have the limited edition of the Unreal tournament 3, which means that i have the extra DVD that contains 20 hours of "how to use" the unreal editor.
    However while watching the basic i've realized that I cant find certain items, like: e.x. the Wood01 wall that was used as the roof in the basic instructions, or the stone Dragon that was supposed to be placed above the well in the basic instructions also.

    My second question is "why do i have to register on UT3 forums just to have this simple question answered. I wrote at first on support section and they've told me...
    Thank you for contacting Midway Tech/Customer Support. Please see
    below for details about your inquiry to Midway.

    Please direct any specific questions regarding the UE3 editor to the
    Epic forums at the link below:

    Midway Tech/Customer Support

    Tech Support (probably somewhat like Blizzard Entertainment) may not have any knowledge on the UT3 Editor, and thus, they will direct you to the proper location to have your question answered, as there are many actual players/UT3 Mappers who can more effeciently, help you with the problem.


      Yes your right some textures/meshes are missing,they was prob in the beta version of the ed.
      But it`s not a major prob,just replace them with different textures and meshes.