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Note To Admin And All Members

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    yeah I know some of these things have been said before and as for the mic probs they just say you must be turning your microphone on wrong, do it this way(we arnt braindead epic!!! jesus)
    If we dont keep getting onto epic about it nothing will change or if it does it will be to late and people will give up and stop playing.

    I played rainbow 6 on ps3 to death although the online aspect wasnt at all perfect at least you could chat to your friends and there was a great community feel to it which made you keep playing.
    Even UT99 almost 10 years old now still has a great community fan base to it because you can always hook up and chat to your friends there.

    Even if there is no way to sort the microphone problems straight away on UT3, im sure they could inplement a text chat system in there somehow.

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    Originally posted by BENNE77Buzz View Post
    I also sent this to wartourist, does he work for midway or is he only the admin for this forum?
    wartourist works for epic,who made the game
    as for your probs with ps3,i`m sure epic have read some of the complaints by now,and prob a patch is in the making.
    But what will get patched and what wont is anyones guess.

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    I also sent this to wartourist, does he work for midway or is he only the admin for this forum?

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  • started a topic Note To Admin And All Members

    Note To Admin And All Members

    These things really need to happen especially before official european release:
    [UT3 PS3]

    +The Big problem is when are you gonna fix the mic problem, iv tryed everything!!! all the different ways possible and im not buying this "it will work if..." nonsence.
    Game isnt half as fun without communication in someway even if it is just text chat. My mic works on every other game why not this one???
    Thousands of other people have the same problem, we arnt all wrong, so dont say we are.
    Surely a patch needs making.ASAP

    Next thing:
    +Will there be a point where UCContent can be downloaded straight from the game you are joining?
    I cant see it ever taking off if you have to keep going back to download it from the sites to memory chip upload and repeat.
    Its not gonna happen, iv played 1 person on a UCreated map up to now and that is just not good enough.
    Not enough people are gonna do it and if they are, its massive odds you are gonna find at least one person with the same map you have, especially as more get made eveyday.

    Third Problem:
    When you add a friend why doesnt it go through the PS3 menu??
    Every person who has added me have sent me a message and when I accept it in the "messages" menu it goes to the page where I am sending them a friend request. What the **** is this about??? there is no way to add a friend it just goes round in circles. And you cant even add them in the XMB menu because the ut3 players dont show up in the "recently played" list.
    This is basic sort it out!!!

    There are loads more problems with this game but I think these are the main ones. I hope you can eventually sort these out and make this game as great as its predicessors because its gonna need alot of commitment from you guys to make this work, i think the PC version can look after itself, but ps3 needs some attention.

    Also to make things easier:
    make a place in the forum where it is PS3 UT3 only because it seems to get confusing what people are talking about.

    Last thing from me:
    where have midway servers gone? there are none on any of the games today, im thinking maybe you have took them down for maintanance.
    confirm this?

    Gary Bennett
    aka BENNE77Buzz [UT3]
    aka [SXe]LiQuid [UT99]