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random FPS drops!!!

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    random FPS drops!!!

    I have tried every config (that I've found) and all kinds of tweaks and I still can't fix this issue. I have seen a lot of other people having this issue and I REALLY WOULD LIKE SOME HELP!!!

    The problem is that no matter which setting and resolution you run the game at, there are certain spots on certain MP levels which cause your FPS to drop below 30fps, regardless of the settings!! I have a ATI 3870 which can run the game maxed at 1680 x 1050, until I get to these "problem spots". I tried running at the LOWEST RES with the lowest settings, and it STILL dropped to the same FPS as it did when everything was maxed. The levels I can think of off the top of my head are Deck, Shangrila (courtyard) and some areas of Suspense. It's like it's a little bad spot where it thinks it's trying to render the entire level there or something. I get about 80fps average except for these problem spots.

    Does someone have a fix for this? Anyone? I've used the AMD Dual Core optimizer and all the different drivers, still no fix. Oh and I had this problem back when I owned a 7950gt (I upgraded from a 7950gt to my 3870 :P).

    Yes it is a problem that Epic knows about. Whether they decide to do something is another matter in and of itself.

    However, so we are all on the same page...these are not 'Random' FPS drops if they always happen in the same location or the 'problem spots.' In fact, it is the exact opposite of random. Something is happening in these spots at certain angles that is causing them, thus much easier to identify and fix than a random occurrence.

    People are having many FPS problems and I share yours; so, we have to be specific about our terminology. I, too, am waiting for a fix.


      Ahh I never really thought of it that way. I guess it really isn't random drops .

      My rig:

      AMD X2 4000+ (@ 2.9ghz)
      2gb DDR2 800mhz (4-4-4-12)
      Sapphire HD 3870 (The core is at a whopping 863mhz)


        This is what happens if you cpu is too weak for those parts of the game. I have a crappier video card than you guys yet a much faster processor and my fps never drops below 35.