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Stupid question that probably has a logical answer -.-

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    Stupid question that probably has a logical answer -.-

    Hey there.

    So, UT3 is my first shooter. And I thought it would be cool to play with a headset so I can talk to people while playing, so I bought that. And a friend told me I don't need a program like Teamspeak in UT3.

    So I bought one, plugged it in and played. However, I keep failing to actually talk. I configured the key to be 'right shift', but when I press that while in a map nothing interesting happens, to be honest.

    I do have heard other people, though.

    And the headset also has a micro, so that's not were the problem lies.
    Enlighten me I'm bad in computers, and as usual there's probably a very logical solution that I didn't see because I'm too stupid.

    Thanks in advance,
    Belgian General
    - yes, from that country with chocolate.

    Well, if being unable to use a mic makes you stupid, then there are a lot of stupid people out there (myself included). I think most people here have battled with getting our mics to work the way we want at some point in our lives.

    The first thing you ought to try is to make sure your mic is actually being picked up by your computer. Open your start menu -> Accessories -> Sound Recorder. Press the record button and see if your being picked up. If the sound is very faint, turn up the microphone volume in your sound control. Look around for a 'mic boost' check box, and/or a volume slider.

    If there is no sound at all, then make sure you've plugged it into the correct port and that the microphone volume hasn't been muted in the volume control.

    If you can confirm that your voice is being picked up, other issues can be considered after.


      I hope you don't mind I bump this