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    UT3 Problems


    every now and then when i am playing multiplayer or a scrim with my clan i will get for a few seconds a freeze and then it will suddenly reset all my Configs to the default settings when i installed the game.

    i copied my inis to C\games\ut3\configs and renamed them all to default before the name i.e i changed UT_input to Default_Input and the names they are recommended as

    anyway i will need to exit the game then log back into my account in mid game which is very irritating then my settings occur to what they were before (my custom settings)

    does anyone else suffer from this? please help me out ;] will the new patch fix this also?

    hmm sorry for my failure i was supposed to type UT3 problems :E

    **** game brainwashing me :d


      sorry guys, bump


        What are ur system specs fool? ur pc might be overloaded.

        I [U]had[U] and P4 and i was playing TF2 caz my pc cudnt run UT3 but now it can muahhaahh yay! and Sometimes, well it was old, but sometimes my pc would just randomly shutdown, because most likely, it was overloaded with info so it just when "AAAAH too m-u-c-h in-fo, I QUIT!" and it blacked out.

        There was absolutely no point for that paragraph just then...


          my computer is ok and i can play it for hours on single player etc

          i have

          - Intel core 2 quad q6600 at 2.4ghz (stock)
          - 650w EZcool PSU
          - Asus p5k motherboard p35 chipset
          - 2gb corsair xms2 ram 240pin twinx
          - XFX geforce 6800gs 256mb (for 2 weeks more)
          - Windows XP Service Pack 1 No updates because i dislike them
          - Artic Freezer pro 7 CPU cooler

          my cpu is running at 19c idle and 25c under load orso
          my system temperature is at 27c depending on room temperature.

          hope this helps and could identify my problem


            even though ur pc can run ut3, sometimes computers like to reset the settings which they think will most suit them i.e default. also, download the updates u twit, theyr'e there 4 a reason. But there r so many 4 xp ull end up going over 10gb of download i reckon.

            Umm anway to fix this? Im not a pc nerd, but i would suggest leaving the settings on defualt unless theyr'e irritating, anways Ur getting a new GPU? So when that happens your pc will probably stop resetting them bak to default.


              Yeah, if u do leave them on default, u probably won't be disconnected. give it a shot anyway, and umm i was going to type somthing **** i forgot.


                well im not leaving them on default ;p

                im quite a serious gamer and i need to get the smoothest from my gameplay with the exact mouse settings etc

                i run ut99 at 800*600 etc even though i can run it at anything.

                and no im not going to install updates ;p even though i have a legit key it still gives my computer awful slow downs.