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U.t crash on loading to with update

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    U.t crash on loading to with update

    Ejj i'm dutch so i speak hardly englisch

    While loading a game before it plays,, online offline doesn't matter,

    9 off the 10 times the games just shut down with an error,

    My comp stats is fine, computer is fast enough,

    what can i do? it drives me crazy,,

    Game loading onn or offline, doesnt matter , shuts down with an error,

    when i got lucky with loading i play one time,, than the next round is an error agian,, plays like ****

    The monitor go's off and the computer self doesnt do any thing either

    Powersupply? i did read in other topics, how can i see how many W i got .. or what kind of power supply?

    ( nederlands)

    Bij het laden van het spel voordat je het level in gaat, valt het spel weg met een fout,, iemand ervaring of een idee?

    greetz michel

    Are all your games like this or only UT3?
    If only UT3, I don't think you will be able to go into BIOS and debug what's causing the problem.
    If you bought your computer at local shop, then bring it back to them and tell them it's misconfigured.
    Power supply could be an issue.
    If you can open the case without destroying any guarantee, then do it. See if anything is overheating (touch a metal item first to unload any static current).
    The PSU is usually upstairs near the back. On the side of the unit most have their detailed rail amps and wattage and so on. You can read it there.