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    Game Sluggish

    so check it i upgraded from vista home basic 32 bit 1.9ghz amd 1.5gig ram
    played game excellent ****ty vid to

    Vista Ultimate 32bit 3 gig ram geforce 8600 gts 512mb
    played exxcellent

    upgraded to

    vista ultimate 64 bit and re inserted all ram to 5.5 gig and 3.2ghz amd dual core
    game played fine

    reinstalled after changing to dual boot reinstalled and now the game loads and everything just fine
    but when i get in the game i notice from my g-15 that im using 100% or my 3.2 ghz processor and like 75% ram the ram is normal but i was only usin up like 80% playing the game

    so now like every 10 - 60 sec it will hang up for like 10 sec and then continue on

    any ideas?

    upgrade to XP


      no thanks i prefer to move forward

      besides if you use Vista a while you find that it really does have better technologie supporting it

      my only issues and reson for installing both ultimate versions in dual boos is no ipod touch/iphone on 64bit so i use 32bit solely for transfering music i would use it to TS but i never have problems with it uptime is 1 month now

      and u can even remote desktop into these just fine as i do **** on it at home from work

      besides why would i waste 2.5 gigs of ram the pc has access to all of it and trust me in certian situations it will use it all up but i can alt tab in and out of ut3 hl2 and most every other game i have less a few in mere seconds

      i can alt tab in and out of UT3 faster than these intermidnt hangs i get

      im going to check i may have forgotten to patch it i will test at lunch and post an update


        Originally posted by Discriminator View Post
        no thanks i prefer to move forward
        Err, yeah..

        [ ] Vista is really a big step forward.


          i really dont get whats causing this none of my other games or apps have any trouble but right now ut3 is probably the hardest install

          i regularly play tf2 ut2k4 and ut3 also have starcraft/ bw installed for kicks dues ex 1 and 2
          diakitana for kicks and doom3 they all run perfect max vis

          and the aero desktop on vista is a fun addition both the new alt tab and the preview if you hover over taskbar items


            A lot of the magazines such as Maximum PC say Vista is not the best OS to game with.
            Many on this forum will tell you the same thing that XP is far better to game with.

            They tell you how online (all their mag articles are now online too) how to make a dual boot system with Vista and XP.
            Use XP Pro to game with, Vista for your other stuff.

            To setup dual boot, it is in this article.


              You better downgrade to UT2k4, problem solved


                im quite familiar with what they say and how to use dual boot as you can see i have 32bit and 64bit in dual boot already but i stick with vista on both as i have more than enough memory for it to eat some

                really everything is dependant to your rig and mine seems to act best with vista and i like the options and functionality, i did notice that im still on the 169.09 nvidia drivers so im updating to 169.28 to see if that helps any i will also be making sure my board is up to date

                and i wont say your wrong about XP but look at 98SE when XP came out the same thing happened and look at us all now

                im just ahead of the groove this time


                  You should try version 169.13 although for me that version freezes all the time so i went back to 163.75, hope this helps a bit.

                  Gr Fragger


                    I was running well with 169.13 but I found that 169.28 increased my performance by almost 10fr/sec and with no crashes.

                    Benchmarks here:


                      Originally posted by Corey View Post
                      A lot of the magazines such as Maximum PC say Vista is not the best OS to game with.
                      Many on this forum will tell you the same thing that XP is far better to game with.

                      90% of people on this forum have no idea what they are doing though.

                      as for your crappy performance it could be your cpu. you say it's 3.2ghz what do you have the 6400+. that cpu overheats very easily.


                        well i tried 169.28 and it worked with crappy display settings but ut3 wouldnt
                        downgraded to 169.25 current for 64bit
                        verified patch was applied

                        opened game checked task manager found that my Avast A/V was not fully stoped as it said it was, killed process and noticed no hitches at all

                        double check your virus scanner or any open disk scanners guys

                        i do have the 6400+ but i have it in a 45 degree room with a watercooled case i highly doubt its over heating on me