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Small problem with PS3 version...

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    Small problem with PS3 version...

    Hey everybody, this is my first post and all, hello...

    I was wondering what kinds of USB flash drives you guys use to install the user-created content onto your PS3s? My PS3 recognizes my flash drive for music files and such, but UT3 doesn't...

    I appreciate any help, thanks in advance.

    P.S., my PSN username is Minus955 if you want to add me.

    If your PS3 is recognizing it for your music files then it will work for UT3.

    Are you sure you've done everything correctly with the mods?

    You have to have the folders set up right or the game won't see them.


      Oh are we supposed to drag the entire folders from the ZIP files, not just the "USERDATA" file themselves? That might be the problem.


        That's the problem.

        Drag the whole PS3 folder over. The only way a mod is recognized is if it's in the folders like this:

        PS3 -> SAVEDATA -> BLU34412-MODIMPORT

        I made up the numbers after BLU but you get the point. The folders should be in the downloads anyway. When you install new mods, all you have to do is replace the userdata.jam file in the correct folder.


          Yep that did it, thank you.